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Vegan food is not a restraint it's a motor. A responsible and ethic alimentation enable you to lease, to have pleasure and to surpass yourself

The lobbys of pharmaceutical industry, hobbies and clothing keep a blurred line around animal exploitation. It is also true for the food industry. The purspose of VEGAN MARATHON is to demystify the old believes and cliches when it gathers for sportives meets and national or local events.


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It is certain that a vegan person is saving, by it's way of life, a hundred of animals per year. By reducing the demand, this way of life is breaking the vicious cercle of the animal exploitation. The goal of VEGAN MARATHON is showing people that alternatives way of feeding do exist. We don't have to reproduce the old archaic schems of the society. By our kindness way of life, we can build together a better world.


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